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S.u.S.E. Linux 6.1 [software]

5-CD-ROMs, including 450-page reference book and bootdisk, all device drivers for supported hardware, and more than 50 new packages -- almost 1000 of the most useful Linux applications! Still only $49.95.

SuSE Linux 6.1 is here -- and it includes version 2.2 of the Linux kernel! Kernel 2.2, in development for 2-1/2 years, offers significant enhancements, including:
  • Even faster kernel performance
  • Much improved performance and support for Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) devices
  • Driver support for many more kinds of devices, especially multimedia (video, digitizers, and sound)
  • Support for more non-Intel processors and different workstations (e.g., Sparc)

SuSE Linux continues to offer improved desktop environments, including the updated KDE 1.1 and now GNOME 1.0:

  • KDE (K Desktop Environment) is extended by several interesting features. The disk navigator now allows direct, menu-driven access to the complete file system; the Window Manager functions can be executed using keyboard shortcuts; Mouse key mapping is freely configurable; and you can display the menu bars of the windows at the top edge of the screen, just as with MacOS.

  • A popular alternative to KDE, GNOME 1.0 is on SuSE Linux! It can also now be combined with any window manager, including WindowMaker, icewm or Enlightenment -- which are, of course, also part of SuSE Linux 6.1.

Need complete office applications? SuSE Linux 6.1 includes both StarOffice 5 Personal Edition, a complete office package which can be used free-of-charge for private purposes, and the Personal Edition of Corel WordPerfect 8 as well. Both allow you to import MS Office® files and other popular formats. As for cross-platform compatibility, Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux uses the same file format as Corel WordPerfect for Windows® 95, Windows NT®, Windows 3.1x and UNIX®.


New features (compared to SuSE Linux 6.0):

A detailed list of new features can be found on the page New features in SuSE Linux 6.1. Here is a list of the major changes:

  • Kernel 2.2.5
  • XFree86TM
  • Support for all 3Dfx cards:
    • Voodoo I + II (accelerated)
    • Voodoo Rush (accelerated)
    • Voodoo Banshee / Voodoo III (beta)
  • KDE 1.1 with koffice
  • GNOME 1.0
  • Ghostscript 5.10
  • ijb (non-cacheing HTTP proxy server that filters contents as described in the configuration files)
  • freeamp (MP3-Player)
  • netbeans (Cross-plattform Java IDE, Demo)


  • English installation, free package selection
  • "susewm": tool to keep the window manager menus up-to-date with the actually installed software
  • YaST:
    • Rpm package format, sources in srpm-format
    • Fulltext search in package descriptions
    • View of package contents
    • Package independent check of permissions and ownerships
    • User and group administration
    • Configuration of network printers
    • ISDN-configuration
    • Administration of multiple networks
  • Extensive online help system in HTML
  • Graphical desktop XFreeTM (X11R6.3), easy to configure with SaX or XF86Setup
  • Boot from CDROM - no boot floppy needed
  • Tools for internet access (mail, news, WWW)
  • Complete source code
  • Emulations for: DOS, Atari ST, Amiga, C64, C128, VIC20, PET, ZX Spectrum, Gameboy, Nintendo Entertainment System, Atari VCS2600, Coleco Vision, ZX81
  • ... and much more!

Cost: $49.95


Phone: (402) 932-7250
Email: sales@midwestlinux.com

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