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S.u.S.E. Office Suite 99 [software]

Office Tools for the Linux Operating System

Since its release in 1993, Applixware has quickly developed into the quasi-standard office suite for the various Unix platforms, counting more than 350,000 users worldwide. Applixware takes full advantage of Linux's multiuser and multitasking capabilities.

For the first time Applixware 4.4.1 for Linux comes with Applix Builder and Applix Data. Applix Builder is an object oriented development environment which allows the realization of user-specific applications with minimal coding effort. Applix Data offers fast and easy access to SQL databases. This will prove especially valuable to database novices and lay users.

The brand new release 4.4.1 comes with lots of improvements and enhancements. One of the major improvements will not be noted at first sight: to reduce memory consumption and increase performance, only the shared libraries that are really needed at the moment will be loaded. Also new in version 4.4.1 are import filters for MS Word 95/97 and Excel 95/97 files. When importing such a file the "Microsoft Import Wizard" guides you through the import process. The filter can be easily customized through the graphical interface.

Applixware consists of the following, fully-integrated applications:

Applix Words

Applix Spreadsheets

Applix Graphics

Applix Presents

Applix Mail

Applix HTML-Author

Applix Data

Applix Builder

Also included with use for each application is:

Applix Equations

-this formula editor allows easy input of mathematical formulas.


-helps in managing routine tasks and user specific settings

-Can create user-defined dialog boxes, menu bars and

keybindings across all Applixware product

-Interactive debugger, compiler/interpreter

-Utilizes Exension Language Facility (ELF), a robust

interpretive programming language

System requirements:

* Runs on 486 (Pentium class recommended)

* 16 MB RAM (32MB recommended)

* at least 150 MB of hard drive space

* CD-ROM drive

Software requirements:

* Linux (any distribution), kernel 1.2.13 or better

* libc: 5.2.18 or better

* libm: 5.0.5 or better

* X11R6 3.1.2 or better

* Motif NOT needed or required

2 CDROMs, including:

* Applixware 4.4.1 as described above

* S.u.S.E. Linux 5.3 basic system

* KDE 1.0 - the user-friendly desktop

* GNOME - the user-friendly desktop based entirely on free software

* Netscape Communicator

* ADABAS D Personal Edition

* GIMP 1.0 - image processing

* XEmacs - more than an editor

* LaTeX - text processing system

Cost: $79.95


Phone: (402) 932-7250
Email: sales@midwestlinux.com

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