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BRU 2000 Enterprise Edition, version 15.0

Backup You Can Trust

BRU is a Linux (and other Unix) Backup and Restore Utility designed for maximum reliability and flexibility. It makes Linux backups easy, fast and safe. BRU is much more than just a replacement for tar and cpio -- it's really a backup system with a multitude of options. Here's what it can do for you:

  • Backup and Restore Microsoft Windows, DOS, IBM OS/2 and other SMB-compatible clients - BRU will allow you to use the SMB client capabilities provided by SAMBA on most UNIX systems to successfully backup and restore systems over a TCP/IP network.

  • Tape Writes Counter -- BRU can help you keep track of how many times a BRU tape has been written to. This allows you to more carefully track tape age and recycle or remove tapes based on criteria that you assign.

  • The new "writecnt" function will return the number of times that a BRU tape has been written as its return code so that you can more easily handle tapes within scripts and other front-ends for BRU.

  • Easier Restore of RAW data volumes -- BRU recognizes when a RAW volume backup on tape matches an existing RAW volume and restores it automatically when the new -QD switch is used.

  • Translate On Restore -- BRU will now allow you, via a translation file, to restore files from one location to another location with automatic name and path conversion.

  • RAW Partition Backup/Restore -- BRU will now backup and restore those raw database partitions (or any other defined raw partition) directly instead of forcing you to use dd.

  • SMART RESTORE -- Restoring shared libraries and open files is no longer a reason to cringe - BRU now handles the restore of these files without risk of bringing your system to a halt.

  • On-Tape Directory -- BRU now offers the option of placing a listing of the files being backed up onto the head of the tape - allowing you to get a contents listing without scanning the entire tape.

  • Improved Data Compression -- BRU now provides more robust and faster data compression. BRU also automatically recognizes compressed files and doesn't attempt to compress them further.

  • Data Verification -- BRU ensures that your backup is correct by verifying archives in two different ways, using checksums or by doing a bit-by-bit comparison with the original file.

  • Error Detection and Recovery -- BRU detects and recovers from most errors that occur while reading or writing. Unlike other utilities which stop on errors, BRU makes several attempts to read and recover the maximum amount of data from damaged archives.

  • Unattended Backups -- A special background mode lets you schedule BRU to run under cron, allowing backups to be performed overnight.

  • Handle Special Files -- BRU will backup and restore all types of files, including special device files, links (symbolic and hard), pipes, empty directories -- those that are skipped by utilities like tar.

  • Faster Crash Recovery -- Since BRU will backup and restore all files, BRU saves time and makes it easier to restore your system in case of a crash.

  • AUTOSCAN Verification -- BRU will automatically "scan" each archive tape and verify it for errors immediately after it is written. This feature has been proven to detect problems caused by hardware or software errors. It's like an "early warning system" that will catch problems before they become serious -- like a tape drive just starting to fail.

  • Multiple Volume Archives -- With BRU, archives can span more than one tape. This allows you to do backups of any size.

  • Data Compression -- BRU can save space on your archive tape by compressing the data while it does a backup. Files are usually compressed 10-90% (depending on type of data). Like all BRU data, the compressed files are saved in a special error-detection format. Compression is done in memory (no temporary disk space is used), so files of any size can be compressed.

  • Network Backups -- If you have NFS, you can run BRU on the network fileserver and use it to backup all the other machines. Or you can run it on the local machine and write backups to a remote-mounted tape drive.

  • Speed Your Backup -- BRU is "tunable" for maximum performance. Depending on your system, BRU will run 10% to 400% faster than other utilities.

  • Selective Backups -- If desired, you can save time by backing-up only the files that have changed (incremental or differential backups).

  • Include/Exclude Files -- You can tell BRU to include or exclude certain files or directories while doing a backup (or restore). By specifying certain patterns you can perform customized backups.

  • Handle Long Pathnames -- BRU will backup and restore files with pathnames up to 1023 characters in length. Utilities like tar can only handle pathnames of 100 characters or less.

  • Built-in Help Pages -- Useful when you're in a jam and can't find the manual.

  • Automatic Execution Logging -- BRU will automatically write any warning or error messages to a special execution log file. The log also contains time-stamped messages that tell when BRU started and stopped. This will let you monitor your backups in great detail.

  • Handle Any Type of Device. BRU works with all kinds of Unix backup devices, including floppies, streaming tapes, 9-track, 4mm DAT, 8mm Exabyte and others.

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    Email: sales@midwestlinux.com

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