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S.u.S.E. ADABAS D 10.0 [software]

ADABAS D Linux Edition 10.0

ADABAS D offers:

  • * Client-server applications
  • * Scalability and high performance
  • * Optimization of storage space
  • * 24-hour availability
  • * Fault tolerance
  • * Ease of use
  • * Distributed databases
  • * Synchronized replicas and snapshots
  • * Internet and WWW with WebDB
  • * 3 SQL dialects
  • * SQL extensions
  • * Client modules

    ADABAS D provides you with a professional database system which fully implements the relational model - including support for domains, primary keys, updatable join views, referential integrity, triggers and database procedures.

    By combining ease of administration with high performance, ADABAS D is an ideal database system for business-critical applications in client-server environments. In fact, the outstanding features of ADABAS D prompted many software houses offer a wide range of standard and industry-specific solutions based on ADABAS D.

    ADABAS D is a fully portable solution. With the help of powerful ODBC- and JDBC-drivers ADABAS D offers complete integration with standard Windows tools and JAVA[tm] programs. Look on www.adabas.com to find information and updated drivers for the Adabas database system.

    ADABAS D's multi-threaded/multi-server architecture ensures high performance on both singleprocessor and multiprocessor systems. Asynchronous logging and group commits guarantee that only those write operations are performed which are absolutely necessary. ADABAS D provides row-level locking, enabling the maximum possible degree of parallel database access. The ADABAS D optimizer is cost-based and employs statistics on value distribution within the database in order to select the best possible access strategy.

    By compressing data and by the efficient use of available disk space, ADABAS D drastically reduces data storage requirements, and avoids the tendencies of many other database systems to take up excessive disk space. Furthermore, ADABAS D does this without reorganization - tables and indexes grow and contract dynamically without the need for the prior allocation of disk space, as is usual with other databases. Dynamic management of storage space in this way guarantees a consistently high level of performance over the entire service life of any database implemented using ADABAS D.

    ADABAS D can be operational around-the-clock, day-in, day-out, without interruption. Data record backups, alterations to catalogue objects and adjustment of configurations can all be made while the system is up-and-running. In other words, the database can be operated without downtime and without the need for continuous operator presence.

    ADABAS D is tolerant of hardware faults and includes software which supports the concept of mirrored disks. If a computer should fail within a distributed environment, it is possible for a second computer to keep the system operational by using replicated data.

    ADABAS D has been designed for ease of use, including a configuration process which requires the setting of just very few parameters. Furthermore, ADABAS D is equipped with integrated tools geared to the needs of the database administrator (DBA), experienced users and of end users unfamiliar with SQL.

    In client-server configurations, ADABAS D can be used either as the central database or it can be distributed across several nodes and a variety of operating systems. In this way, it is possible to distribute ADABAS D databases within a LAN to create a powerful virtual database server. A distributed database can even be used for organizations spanning several geographical locations. For applications and users, the distributed database is transparent, behaving as if it were a central database. Transparency is achieved by a number of functions, such as two-phase commit protocol for distributed transactions, global optimization and hardware- and operating system-independence. Even when implemented as a distributed database, ADABAS D supports complex functions such as referential integrity and updatable join views.

    ADABAS D enables replicas of a table to be held in all the local ADABAS D databases of a distributed database. This allows greater local access, reduces the amount of network communications traffic and increases availability. ADABAS D automatically synchronizes the various local replicas. ADABAS D also enables snapshots of data records residing in one database to be held in others. Snapshots are particularly useful for applications designed to support decision-making, and requiring up-to-the-day rather than up-to-the-minute data. Snapshot updates can be period-driven, for instance taking place every night.

    With the WebDB module Adabas D becomes a DBMS based solution for managing WWW documents on a web server. WebDB offers functions for storage and database retrieval of web documents that consist of HTML pages and GIF graphics. In addition it features the generation of dynamic web pages with embedded SQL commands. For a web server this opens all the advantages of database based data management which results in security by backup, recovery and restart. WebDB is compatible with all web servers that support the CGI protocol or the Netscape programming interface. Using Adabas D's gateway functions WebDB allows access to Adabas C or DB2 databases. Access to host based operative databases by web browsers is provided.
    ADABAS D Linux Edition 10.0 - 10 user license¹ US$ 295.00
    ADABAS D Linux Edition 10.0 - unlimited user license¹ US$ 2995.00
    ADABAS D Linux Edition 10.0 UPGRADE from version 6.1.1 - 10 user license¹ US$ 149.00
    ADABAS D Linux-Edition 10.0 UPGRADE from version 6.1.1 - unlimited user license¹ US$ 595.00

    ¹ ADABAS D is licensed as follows: The server software may be installed on one single server only. The 10-user license allows a maximum of 10 connects to the server at one time, while the unlimited version has no limit.

    The ADABAS D Personal Edition (restricted demo version: 100Mb data, no remote-sql, no client modules) is available on the S.u.S.E. Linux product.

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    Phone: (402) 932-7250
    Email: sales@midwestlinux.com

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