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Red Hat Secure Web Server 2.0

If you've done any research on setting up a web server, you've probably come across Apache--after all, it is the most popular web server being used today. (To get the full scoop from Netcraft, click here.) Now you can experience the security and convenience of Apache, joined with the reliability you've come to expect from Red Hat Linux. The Secure Web Server 2.0 can turn any Intel system already running Red Hat Linux into a secure server ready to work for you on the Internet.

Secure Web Server 2.0 merges the power of RSA Data Security's robust encryption engine with the speed, reliability, and flexible configuration available in the Apache web server. It is based on Apache 1.3.1, recognized by the NetCraft survey as the most widely used web server on the internet today.

Protect your sensitive data with Red Hat Secure Web Server.

  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Names, passwords, and other personal data
  • Critical business information
  • Private financial information
  • Sales data


  • Enables encrypted credit card transactions, secure electronic commerce, and helps protect the integrity of other sensitive data from network eavesdropping.
  • Secure Sockets Layer version 2 and version 3 are both supported, thus Red Hat Secure Web Server is compatible with browsers such as Netscape Communicator and MS Internet Explorer.
  • Red Hat Secure Web Server is integrated with the award-winning Red Hat Linux operating system for ease of use.
  • RPM packaging allows simple and painless upgrades to new releases of Red Hat Secure Web Server.
  • Easy to drop into pre-existing sites by revising existing configurations.
  • Add new functionality without recompiling Apache.

    Additional features:

  • 128 bit Encryption
  • SSL 3.0
  • CGI support
  • Squid Web Cache and Proxy
  • Virtual Hosting
  • Netscape Web Browser
  • Log Analysis Software

    Source Code

    The source code to Apache that is included allows you to recompile third party modules and develop your own. Source to cryptographic modules is not included.


  • Red Hat Secure Web Server Manual
  • One CD-ROM
  • Single Server Advanced Cryptography License from RSA Data
  • Security
  • $25 Discount for Thawte Consulting site certificate
  • 90 Days Installation Support via email from Red Hat Software

    This product includes software developed by the Apache Group for use in the Apache HTTP server project.

    This product also includes software developed by Ben Laurie for use in the Apache-SSL HTTP server, Ralf Engelschall from his mod_ssl project, and cryptographic software written by Eric Young.

    *Due to restrictions imposed by the US Government, this version of Red Hat Secure Web Server may not be shipped outside the U.S. and Canada, or to a national of a country other than the U.S. and Canada. Thank you for your cooperation.*

    Hardware Requirements

  • Intel 386 or better processor
  • 30 MB of hard disk space (100 MB for full installation).

    Software Requirements

  • i386 Linux (Red Hat Linux 5.2, 5.1 and 4.2 are supported, but will run on others).
  • X Windows System (recommended for using Netscape).

    Cost: $99.95

  • Ordering

    Phone: (402) 932-7250
    Email: sales@midwestlinux.com

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