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Provides Robust and Comprehensive Security Management for Ravlin Hardware Units

Easy Set-up and Tear-down of Secure Intranets, Secure Extranets, and Secure Remote Access Clients

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Product Overview
RavlinNodeManager is a Windows NT®4.0 and Windows®95-based management and control tool that provides easy configuration, management, and integration of Ravlin products into an organization's network and security infrastructure.

RavlinNodeManager lets network administrators manage Ravlin products from a single centralized location. Administrators can add remote units and dial-in users to a secure virtual private network (VPN) and customize the configuration parameters between specific subnets secured by the VPN. In addition, RavlinNodeManager tracks the traffic between units and manages existing configurations.

An intuitive graphical user interface allows easy set-up and tear-down of Ravlin units, simplifying installation and control of Ravlin units from anywhere in the network. This allows quick creation and removal of secure extranets, intranets, and remote users, plus easy upgrades and troubleshooting of existing configurations.

As a management tool, RavlinNodeManager is complementary to standard SNMP managers like HP OpenView® for monitoring, displaying statistics, and sending alarms.

Download PDF of RavlinNodeManager data sheet.

RavlinNodeManager lets the network administrator establish various levels of security between Ravlin hardware units and RavlinSoft users.

Key Features:

Enterprise-Wide Security Policy Enforcement
Secure Association-Based Design
Easy Setup Wizard
"Routing Awareness"
Rekey Frequency Management
Powerful Event Monitoring

  • RavlinNodeManager for Enforcement of Enterprise-Wide Security Policy
    Conguration and management based on a Secure Association (SAs) design with new graphical tools and wizards for easy set-up and tear-down of secure intranets and extranets.

  • Secure Association-Based Design
    RavlinNodeManager allows granular control of the SAs between Ravlin units, including performance measurement, traffic monitoring, and control of security policy. Using the RavlinNodeManager graphical user interface, administrators can easily configure, view, modify, and apply enterprise-wide network security policy. The simple graphics and icons displayed by this interface let administrators view network security policy enforcement at a glance.

  • Secure Association Wizard for Easy Setup
    RavlinNodeManager has a new Secure Association Wizard that prompts for all information necessary to set up and establish a Secure Association between Ravlin units.

  • Ravlin "Routing Awareness" for Ease of Integration and Interoperability
    RavlinNodeManager allows for a much more flexible deployment of Ravlin units and ease of integration into complex networking environments. Ravlin units can be placed in parallel with the router or firewall, Ravlin "farms", or an IPSec VPN server, "Ravlin-on-a-Stick" can also be deployed.

  • Management of the Rekey Frequency
    RavlinNodeManager's implementation of ISAKMP/Oakley lets network managers dynamically change the encryption key to as little as 2-minute intervals. Consequently, hackers trying brute force attacks must restart attacks each time the key is changed.
Powerful Event Monitoring
  • The entire Ravlin product line supports powerful new event messaging capabilities. Any or all security devices can be monitored from a single point. (Devices such as the Ravlin 10 send event messages, called Syslog, Message viewer.)

  • Syslog messages provide both 32-bit hexadecimal codes (readable on the front panel of the Ravlin 10) and verbose English descriptions, which eases troubleshooting.

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RavlinNodeManager Technical Specifications

System Requirements
  • Pentium-based PC
  • 8 MB RAM (Minimum)
  • 4 MB free disk space (Minimum)
  • Ethernet network interface
  • Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 95 operating system
Protocol Support
  • SNMP V1
  • SNMP MIB with security extensions

Centralized Control
Network administrators can install RavlinNodeManager anywhere on the enterprise network. From that central location, they can carry out security policies such as granting and revoking permissions, monitoring, and configuration. Extensive SNMP alarm-reporting and statistics-gathering features let administrators respond to security alarms and plan for efficient growth and evolution of their networks.

Interoperable with SNMP Management Tools
RavlinNodeManager provides standard public SNMP MIBs and RedCreek private MIB extensions. This allows access from any MIB browser, including HP OpenView® and others to monitor Ravlin devices and clients via their embedded SNMP.

Easy Integration with Firewalls
Ravlin hardware and software products are an integral and interoperable part of an organization's security infrastructure.

Explicit Protection List
RavlinNodeManager lets network administrators' control which subnets and hosts each Ravlin hardware unit protects. This feature lets administrators control Ravlin trafc down to the individual host, and enables peer-to-peer communications with encryption between the gateways or subnets.

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