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APPGEN Sales Order Processing

The Appgen PowerWindows Sales Order Processing package allows you to streamline your operations in wholesale distribution. Tightly integrated with the PowerWindows Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control packages (and optionally integrated with Purchase Order Processing), Sales Order Processing allows you to quickly and efficiently quote prices, take orders and commit stock, pick products for shipment, and print invoices. Beyond these normal tasks, this Sales Order system allows your personnel to service your customers as quickly as possible by providing easy access to all the information they need - from order status, to stock status, to current pricing, and much more.

Powerful features include:

  • Multi-company capability
  • Quantity fields accommodate three decimal places
  • Credit memos may be entered for simple credits or merchandise returns
  • Recurring/Standard orders
  • Quotes are easily converted to orders or invoices
  • Customer price lookup screen
  • Standard or individual customer price lists
  • Passworded window shows document's total cost in the order entry screens
  • Optional printing of Long Item Descriptions on Invoices
  • Invoices printed in batches or immediately upon entry to accommodate point-of-sales needs
  • Invoice posting automatically handles general ledger distributions of inventory, sales, and cost of goods sold
  • Order and Stock Status may be checked at any point of entry, with the click of a button
  • Reprint invoices at any time from history
  • 4 standard formats for invoices, picking tickets & quotes
  • Detailed history of orders in on-line inquiry & reports
  • Sales Order/Invoice Register
  • Customer Items on Purchase Orders inquiry screen
  • Unlimited ship-to addresses for each customer
  • Sales taxes calculated according to ship-to addresses
  • Option to tax freight
  • Five Pricing Methods are provided for the products. These methods may be used in any combination for more complex pricing structures. Each product is assigned a flat List Price which Sales Order Processing will use to determine the price in lieu of any other method. Simple Quantity Breaks may be defined for any product. Each product may be assigned to a Price Class, and each customer may be assigned special methods for each price class, including "List Less Discount" and "Cost Plus %". Promotional prices may be assigned to individual products. Contract numbers can be assigned to customers, and any product may have special Contract Prices for each contract number.
  • "Contract", "Promo", and "Quantity Break" prices can be constrained with date ranges and quantity levels
  • Sales Analysis Reports by price class, customer, customer type, salesman, and state, both in detail and summary formats
  • Sales analysis report showing customers by sales volume
  • Quote Analysis report
  • The Master File List feature and the powerful Appgen Query Language (AQL) let you extract and print your data for hard-copy files
  • The powerful Appgen Cross Reference feature allows instant easy access to any account by typing a few letters that begin any word or words in the account name
  • At any point of entry, Appgen Quick Menus allow the user to perform different functions and return to the primary task instantly
  • Appgen Quick Windows provide easy access to supporting data at the click of a button or touch of a key
  • The Order Status Inquiry defines the essence of the Appgen PowerWindows Sales Order Processing System, and all other PowerWindows applications: "complete management information available at the touch of a key"

  • Ordering

    Phone: (402) 932-7250
    Email: sales@midwestlinux.com

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