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APPGEN Payroll Processing

The Appgen PowerWindows Payroll Processing package does everything you need to calculate and automatically print your employees' payroll checks and W2's. Driven by a table system, all types of deductions are handled, from loans, to taxes, to benefit programs, and so on. Also produced with this package are the government required Workers' Compensation and Quarterly Payroll reports. You can track the different categories of pay, such as administrative, executive, shop labor, etc. If you are using the PowerWindows General Ledger system, all checks with all their distributions are automatically posted to your general ledger books. If you are also using the PowerWindows Job Cost Tracking system, all labor distributed to your jobs automatically updates your job records.

Powerful features include:

  • Multi-company capability
  • Check Reconciliation
  • Check Register
  • Void posted checks
  • Option to produce magnetic media file for W-2 reporting 1099 employees, with option to print 1099 forms or produce magnetic media file for 1099 reporting Accommodates both salaried and hourly personnel, offering a virtually unlimited number of taxes and miscellaneous deductions along with variable pay periods
  • The Employee File maintains detailed information on each employee, including personal data, as well as withholding and deduction particulars
  • A Job Master File and a Job Cost File provide all necessary data links to the PowerWindows Job Cost Tracking System
  • A General Ledger Accounts File is used not only for ease of entry and accuracy when integrating with PowerWindows General Ledger, but also to provide an accounting breakdown of payroll activity when the PowerWindows Payroll Processing System is used as a stand-alone package
  • Time Cards may be entered manually, or may be generated automatically according to criteria in the employee records. These time cards may then be edited to reflect deviations from the normal schedule. After the correctness of the time sheets has been verified by an operator, checks are automatically calculated and a pre-checkwriting report is generated. Changes may still be made before the checks are actually printed. Each check stub includes a summary of hours, earnings, and withholdings.
  • Employee Payroll Recap Report
  • Employee Payroll History Report
  • Detail and summary G/L distribution reports
  • An Employee Review Report is also available to assist management when determining salary changes
  • Required government reports like the Workers' Compensation Report, Quarterly Payroll Report, and W-2 forms are provided
  • The Master File List functions and the powerful Appgen Query Language (AQL) permit data to be conveniently and quickly extracted and printed to hard-copy files
  • The powerful Appgen Cross Reference feature allows instant easy access to any employees by typing a few letters that begin any word or words in their names
  • At any point of entry, Appgen Quick Menus allow the user to perform different functions and return to the primary task instantly
  • Appgen Quick Windows provide easy access to supporting data at the click of a button or touch of a key
  • The Employee Inquiry defines the essence of the Appgen PowerWindows Payroll Processing System, and all other PowerWindows applications: "complete management information available at the touch of a key"

  • Ordering

    Phone: (402) 932-7250
    Email: sales@midwestlinux.com

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