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APPGEN Job Cost Tracking

The Appgen PowerWindows Job Cost Tracking package allows you to track the costs and profits of any type of value-added or service-oriented sales that are provided over a period of time. When used with the PowerWindows Accounts Payable and Payroll Processing systems, all job related expenses and labor are automatically posted to this Job Cost Tracking system with no need of re-keying the entries. Set up the jobs with estimates (or budgets) of all expenses and labor, and estimated billing amounts to be compared with the actual billings and resources expended, and adjust the estimates as you go along.

Powerful features include:

  • Multi-company capability
  • Transaction Register
  • Transaction History file with inquiry
  • The Job Master File allows you to set up one record for each job being tracked. These records are provided for you to maintain descriptive job information (job name, description, customer information, purchase order amount), cost estimates, and actual current costs by cost categories that you define in the Cost
  • Code Master File. A general purpose note pad is also provided to record miscellaneous notes throughout the life of the job.
  • A Daily Transaction File enables you to enter, edit and post your cost and billing transactions directly to the Job Master Files when the system is not integrated with the PowerWindows Accounts Payable or Payroll Processing Systems
  • Journals are automatically printed to create a hard-copy audit trail whenever transactions are posted
  • Job Cost Journal, which is a detailed list of all cost and billing transactions by category
  • Job Cost Analysis, which shows accumulated costs for each cost code
  • Job Profit Analysis, which shows the profit of each job to date with a percentage margin column
  • The Master File List features and the powerful Appgen Query Language (AQL) let you extract and print your data for hard-copy files
  • The powerful Appgen Cross Reference feature allows instant easy access to any job or cost type by typing a few letters that begin any word or words in its description
  • At any point of entry, Appgen Quick Menus allow the user to perform different functions and return to the primary task instantly
  • Appgen Quick Windows provide easy access to supporting data at the click of a button
  • The Job Account Inquiry defines the essence of the Appgen PowerWindows Job Cost Tracking, and all other PowerWindows applications: "complete management information available at the touch of a key"

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    Email: sales@midwestlinux.com

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