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APPGEN General Ledger

The Appgen PowerWindows General Ledger package allows you to organize all your financial data to provide you with a comprehensive picture of your company's fiscal position. This powerful package allows your comptroller or accountant to view the different aspects of your business from any perspective by organizing your data into customized Financial Statements. With such information, critical decisions may be made on a timely basis to ensure your company's growth.

Powerful features include:

  • Multi-company capability
  • Consolidation of up to 30 subsidiary companies with same or different chart(s) of accounts
  • 3-year active fiscal calendar allows entry of data into periods of the past, current and next year
  • Passworded feature to lock out entry of transactions into closed periods
  • Unlimited years of data on-line for inquiries and reports
  • Up to 13 periods in each 3-year fiscal calendar
  • Entries may be posted without closing prior period
  • Flexible, user-defined account code format with up to 10 alphanumeric characters
  • Account codes can support divisional and departmental accounting
  • Each account may be designated to total automatically into a "control account"
  • Journal entries with reference and document number fields for each debit/credit
  • Batch control of all posting assures that debits and credits always balance
  • All postings produce journals for hard copy audit trails
  • Inquiry screen allows access to all information regarding individual accounts and the postings to them, all the way back to original sales transactions (A/R), cash receipts (A/R), invoices (O/E), and vouchers (A/P)
  • Control Account Zoom allows operators to call up a control account in the inquiry screen, see a window listing all its sub-accounts, and select the desired one for further inquiry
  • Budgets for each period for each account automatically generated from prior year data, or user-specified budgets automatically distributed by number of periods or number of days in each period
  • Budget Variance Report
  • Chart of Accounts and financial statement formats may be copied from one company to another
  • Trial Balance Worksheet
  • General Journal provides easy entry of auto-reversing transactions
  • On-line detailed transaction history with continuous register
  • Provisional close-out functions for trial closing entries
  • Automatic calculation and posting of retained earnings at year end
  • Detail or summary integration from A/P, A/R, P/R, and I/C for each account
  • Management information is provided by on-line account inquiries, and standard financial reports (i.e. Trial Balance and General Ledger Report)
  • The Master File List feature and the powerful Appgen Query Language (AQL) let you extract and print your data for hard-copy files
  • The powerful Appgen Cross Reference feature allows instant easy access to any account by typing a few letters that begin any word or words in the account name
  • At any point of entry, Appgen Quick Menus allow the user to perform different functions and return to the primary task instantly
  • Appgen Quick Windows provide easy access to supporting data at the click of a button or touch of a key
  • The General Ledger Account Inquiry defines the essence of the Appgen PowerWindows General Ledger, and all other PowerWindows applications: "complete management information available at the touch of a key"

  • Ordering

    Phone: (402) 932-7250
    Email: sales@midwestlinux.com

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