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APPGEN Accounts Receivable

The Appgen PowerWindows Accounts Receivable package allows you to maintain control over the most important aspect of your business after sales, namely the monies owed to you by your customers. This package not only provides tools for tracking your receivables, but also for providing maximum results in collection efforts. Accounts Receivable data is entered once and, if you are using PowerWindows General Ledger, it is then fed into your financial statements. If you are also using the PowerWindows distribution modules (Sales Order Processing, Inventory Control, and Purchase Order Processing), sales information will be fed into your Accounts Receivable sales transaction file.

Powerful features include:

  • Multi-company capability
  • User-defined aging periods
  • Open item or balance forward method for each customer
  • Commissions calculated on gross or net, and reported upon invoicing or payment
  • Average number of payment days automatically tracked
  • Sales Tax Authorities with state, county, and local breakdowns of rates and corresponding G/L accounts
  • Sales tax report
  • Multiple A/R and cash accounts
  • Default G/L accounts for all or each customer
  • Dunning 'call' screen allows selection of accounts by number of days past due and 'call back date' range, provides access to all customer information, and accommodates dunning notes and new call back dates
  • Dunning report with financial information and previous dunning notes
  • Multiple customer statement formats with flexible user-defined cycles
  • Finance charges for designated customers
  • Aging on invoice or due date for each customer
  • Entry of invoices, debit memos, credit memos
  • Cash receipts screen, with easy application to invoices, also accommodates non receivable cash and customer deposits
  • Open credits with future applications
  • Detailed and summary aged reports allow exclusion of zero (and credit) balance items and/or customers
  • Open items list
  • Open deposits list
  • Monthly Sales and Cash summaries
  • History of paid-up items in on-line inquiry and report
  • Detail and summary G/L distribution reports
  • Daily profit margin report
  • MTD/YTD sales and costs report
  • Customer buying profile showing monthly sales activity on line comparing one year and the previous year, or unlimited years, in report format
  • Sales rep inquiry screens and reports showing periodic sales activity and commissions paid
  • Sales analysis report showing customers by sales volume
  • Invoice register
  • Original invoices can be printed from the inquiry screen when interfaced with the PowerWindows Sales Order Processing system
  • The Master File List feature and the powerful Appgen Query Language (AQL) let you extract and print your data for hard-copy files
  • The powerful Appgen Cross Reference feature allows instant easy access to any account by typing a few letters that begin any word or words in the customer's name
  • At any point of entry, Appgen Quick Menus allow the user to perform different functions and return to the primary task instantly
  • Appgen Quick Windows provide easy access to supporting data at the click of a button or touch of a key
  • The Customer Account Inquiry defines the essence of the Appgen PowerWindows Accounts Receivable, and all other PowerWindows applications: "complete management information available at the touch of a key"

  • Ordering

    Phone: (402) 932-7250
    Email: sales@midwestlinux.com

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